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02-22-2013, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by WojtekGoalski View Post
This. Get Nash back and give Kreider top 6 minutes and LEAVE HIM THERE for the whole ****ing game. Kreider drew 2 penalties in the first and should have drawn another one when he was tripped out near Anderson and 10 minutes later he's on a line with Boyle and Halpern. No minutes in OT. I generally like the majority of Torts' decisions but he needs to let this kid play.
yes. for the love of god, let the kid play and make some mistakes and learn from them. he's not gonna play with any calmness or swagger that we know he has if he thinks one minor slip-up will cut his minutes in half or even result in NO minutes.

the juggling of the lines needs to be done REASONABLY. NEVER PUT A GUY LIKE BOYLE ON THE SAME LINE AS A GUY LIKE GABORIK. serious waste of gaborik's talent. if you wanna put the grinders out, go ahead- but don't do it at the expense of an elite player.

also, and i'll admit he has had a good couple games since being scratched, i strongly feel we should deal boyle (and even richards if he can't step it up) and go for 1/2 big bodies who can do things with the puck. someone mentioned penner. perfect! i have a terrible feeling that we got gomez'd with the richards deal. maybe we need to get into the business of getting out of the business of signing older guys to such long term contracts. some people will say "but then nobody who's proven will sign with us!" so what. if a guy & his agent will only agree to 5+ years, we should be suspicious that he is on the decline and/or just doesn't have it anymore. you don't wanna play in new york? **** off. this is a team that can win a cup with or without you. i feel like we cave too often with these signings.

PP obviously needs to be fixed. good PP goal last night. work with that. the rangers don't MOVE as much as other teams while in the offensive zone when they have the puck. passing looks good, even great, at times but players like gaborik need to actually skate a little WITH the puck and then pass/shoot/make a move then shoot in order to truly wear the other team down while they're pinned in their zone. this PP i see from teams like the sharks, edmonton, vancouver, ottowa and it works.

we need to shake things up. wtf is with blowing all these leads? it's insane.

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