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02-22-2013, 10:23 AM
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here's what the rulebook says about clipping and kneeing:

44.1 Clipping - Clipping is the act of throwing the body, from any direction, across or below the knees of an opponent.

A player may not deliver a check in a “clipping” manner, nor lower his own body position to deliver a check on or below an opponent’s knees.

An illegal “low hit” is a check that is delivered by a player or goalkeeper who may or may not have both skates on the ice, with his sole intent to check the opponent in the area of his knees. A player may not lower his body position to deliver a check to an opponent’s knees.

50.1 Kneeing - Kneeing is the act of a player leading with his knee and in some cases extending his leg outwards to make contact with his opponent.

it looked to me like the point of contact was the Clutterbucks thighs, which could be interpreted as being in the area of (but not at) the knees. Hall did not lower himself to make the hit, although he did have a low stance based on the cut he was making.

regarding kneeing i see a lot of people saying he led with his knee, which is true, but it was his hip that made primary contact.

i don't think that there was an intent to injure, and while the hit was a little late, it was not excessively late by the standards of the NHL

i think the call on the ice was sufficient. at most a fine should be assessed.

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