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02-22-2013, 10:30 AM
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Face Reality, week 2

Last week I made the case that the senior management of the Oilers need to be fired asap ,as the first step in actually improving the Oilers and giving the Oiler fan base the results it deserves.
The results of the past week only underscore that.
Second, the past week demonstrates that the team as it now exists may need to be utterly deconstructed. With the players it has, the team can't actually NHL hockey.
The NHL game isn 't about skill , its about who has the better goaltender, who cycles best, who traps best, and who has the best coaching to re-inforce defensive structure at all costs.
Increasing the Oilers have blatantly deficient goaltending, soft skille forwards that sadly aren't playing in the 1980's, a defense which has too fundamental liabilities, veterans that , other than Belanger, contribute nothing to winning hockey games and a culture of accepting losing instead of raging against. Taylor Hall is the only exception to the abyss that is the Edmonton Oilers.
As for the coach, more dedicated to process than actually winnig hockey games in the here and now.
But none that can be addressed until Lowe, MacT and Tambo are fired. Like this afternoon.
New leadership would actually rid this team of the deadwood and the never will be.
And perhap, just perhaps, acquire real NHL players who can actually play the game that is NHL hockey.
I'd hope that this board could actually rise up collectively and insist on that step being taken.
It is a disgrace for Edmonton fans to lose consistently to teams from communities that don't actually care about hockey. That just adds to the insult.
I'd hope that this encourages facing reality instead always suppressing.
People will rebut my basic demand, but in two weeks this season will be a total write off.
Hopefully by then Lowe etal are fired.

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