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Originally Posted by Harold86 View Post
This is simple and i know everyone is going to hate the answer.

Torts and sullivan... they have to go ("great" coaches get fired all the time) IE: Ruff
I'm flexible about Sullivan but leaning him out.
The floor is open as to Ruff
There could be a worse stopgap for a coach.

the tortellini system doesn't work anymore. Offense from behind the net and wrap arounds are garbage. Especially with the quality of players we have. 2 "40 goal" scorers are combined for 10 goals in 30 man games and that is awful.
100% agree, except that the system NEVER worked. Any success we had was a temporary illusion in spite of it. If it were truly successful, we would be able to dominate at least to some level, and that would have enabled us to prevail last year. Instead, as you all know, we crapped out from exhaustion, and I don't want to hear the BS about injuries because the system was responsible for the overall and extensive exhaustion, and even when we did win, we had to go full pretty much every series to do it, usually, just barely.

Our star players simply aren't providing the offense we need to win a game. We have to rely on 2nd line players to score goals because Richards and Gaborik can't produce. The goals we scored yesterday were almost all luck.. a bounce off the boards for a scrappy goal and a shot that wasn't redirected should have been stopped and we should have been shutout. This team should have one of the most potent offenses in the league with the guys we have ON PAPER. Yet nobody can score a goal because of this **** system that we use.
Again almost 100% correct, except I think Gabby has tried and generally done a good job despite the handicaps of the system, grading him with that curve.

It's time to let our players like the creative ones that we have be creative (someone said that above and i completely agree).
1111% bingo!

It pains me to see that Tavares has 1 less goal then RICHARDS GABORIK AND NASH combined. our "top scorers." I'm not trying to flame Nash because him and Hagelin have been the only ones that look like they know what they're doing.
Good point.

Overall our big guns are not performing because of the garbage system we use which stems down to Tortellini and Sullivan. theres another hot topic Watch an islanders game and take a page out of their book. Their PP is effective and we definitely possess skilled guys that can do what the islanders do. Is it really that hard to adopt what they do? I am not a coach so i wouldn't know but i've played my whole life and have some idea.
These facts speak for themselves....


we need more and better proverbial horses, so to speak, the objective is to not just be in every game, but rise above competition and DOMINATE. Look at the great franchises in sports --- Yankees, Canadiens.

Don't be afraid to go 2 steps backwards today if it seriously increases our chances of going 5/5+ steps ahead in the near future.

There are no sacred cows.
Trade or don't trade anyone, including our most marketable chip Stepan, based upon whether or not the return justifies it. That is a legitimate discussion based on what's coming back, and that is so for every player.
In the case of guys like Kreider, be careful, because they are not untouchable but their ceiling is so high that we want to be careful not to send it packing at a discount.

Edit add:
one other thing. I would be more inclined to go with best talent available, particularly since salary cap restricts personnel choices. That said, to the extent possible, we should try to be balanced, and not just heavy in one part of the team. An isolated partial exception to this general rule is as to snipers. They are at a premium, so you take 'em where you get 'em.

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