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02-22-2013, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Peter Griffin View Post
The question I have, is why does it bother you? Because when you make your picks on here you don't know who some of the fighters are? It's really a silly complaint IMO. If you don't care about those fights, don't watch them.

As for your comment about the arenas being empty for the first fights, that's only been the case for the fights I've gone to in Vegas. Both Vancouver cards as well as the recent card in Seattle were at least at half capacity, probably more, when the first fighters entered the octagon. And in the case of the Seattle card the first fight won both sub of the night and fight of the night honors.
It is a huge drain on the media, for one. Most sporting events they attend aren't 6 or 7 hours long. Also it's a long day for everyone working at the event, and that's when you see screwups. Commentators, judges, doctors, etc.

Plus they want to cut costs, this is another way and it's a better way than cutting actual talent.

Like was said, there are tons of empty seats there as well. I don't think most fans want to sit through that long of a card anyway, so saying it's for the fans is a bit much. For the second Vancouver card it was pretty empty for much of the prelims.

Look at the guys fighting in the bottom couple fights on the UFC cards these days. It's not pretty. These guys aren't UFC calibre.

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