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02-22-2013, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
That's a pretty sad post if you want my opinion. You're trying to diminish a hockey player's point of view to convince yourself that you're right.
I take hockey players' opinions on their teammates with a grain of salt like anyone with half a brain would. Attempting to use Kadri's comments as some kind of critical analysis into the importance of an enforcer to the lineup is just laughable.

As for Orr, Kimota is right. Burke signed Orr to a 4 year contract but Wilson didn't like having a heavyweight in the line-up. There's a reason why he was in the AHL his 2nd year of the contract season.
Which explains why Wilson, as head coach, has dressed at various times: Todd Ewen, Stu Grimson, Dave Karpa, Warren Rychel, Craig Berube, Chris Simon, Bryan Marchment, Scott Parker, Scott Thornton, Andre Deveaux and Colton Orr.

Is it not possible that maybe he didn't like Colton Orr's play that year? Because the history seems to show that Wilson had no problem dressing tough guys or heavyweights at any point in his head coaching career.

But no, of course not. It's because the Leafs finally got a coach who understands the importance of an enforcer and that's why they're winning. Despite all historical evidence and logic to the contrary.

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