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02-22-2013, 12:09 PM
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I can see the big picture with what management has been doing thus far. They had a piss poor team with a tonne of holes, good players didn't/wouldn't come here, so they elected to rebuild through the draft. I applaud them for staying the course through that. I really didn't understand the coaching changes through this entirely, but Renney was known as a good teacher.

I had thought with Krueger taking over this year that management thought they would make a strong push up the standings. The lack of a trade when our C depth went to hell due to injuries was perplexing. Now, Krueger is refusing to make changes to a system that clearly is not working. Still more confusion on my part.

What management did with the draft picks was take the best possible player with the highest possible ceiling and the lowest probability of being a bust. This is what I firmly believe that you do with draft picks. Drafting for need over the best prospect with #1 picks is crazy. The Hall-Seguin, RNH-Land/Larson, and Yakupov-Murray debates were silly. You take the player that will become the best. Through no fault of their own, management has gotten their hands on a lot of skilled players with this approach.

Up until Schultz picking this team in the offseason, we are still not a team that is likely to attract veterans to sign here. We are not one or 2 players away from being a cup contender.

Management's time will be this coming offseason. Our top 6, in my opinion, will not work long term. As you pointed out, to soft, but with a tonne of skill. Management will need to make a decision on which 4 of the top 6 to keep, and move the other 2 to fill the teams glaring holes on D, and toughness in the top 6. We will not be able to afford all these skilled players once they are off their ELC's anyway, so getting maximum value for them and getting the right players will be key. I had thought that a few moves would really help this team this year, but it is becoming more and more obvious that they are no where near ready to compete with the best.

More patience is still required unfortunately. Taking this team from the worst in the league to a contender takes a lot of time.

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