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Originally Posted by The Fading Captain View Post
Hey coach, you benched Kindl for being in the wrong spot on the Flip/Kronwall debacle, what did you think of Lashoff's positioning on Brunner's giveaway?
Well he looked like he never laced them up. Not his fault (nor Kronwall's) he/they are set up to fail. That pairing does not work it is beyond obvious.
Originally Posted by RedMenace View Post
Criticizing poor play and making outrageously false claims are two totally different things.

Has Lashoff made some rough plays? Hell yeah he has, but people are so keen to pick him apart that they miss the other 75% of his play that's actually pretty damned good considering.
I think most of us are fine with Lashoff, but we seem to think he is given a much bigger role than he should. That's the case.
Originally Posted by VladTheImpaler View Post
I don't think any "outrageous" false claims have been made here. And 75% of good play by Lash is a very big exaggeration.

He has shown some flashes of potential and may end up being a very solid PK minute-muncher somewhere down the line but the reality is that he is out of his league right now and Babcock continues to put him in positions to fail more often than he will succeed.
Originally Posted by 19 for president View Post
Right now this team is not set up to win. So the question has to be asked of what we are doing for the rest of this season, and a decision needs to be made.


1. Start the rebuild. This means dealing off any spare older parts that the Wings can, and starting to play the kids that are at least mentally ready. This means Smith (once healthy), Lashoff, Nyquist, Andersson, Tatar should all be playing (both 5 on 5 and on special teams). This means that players like Miller, Sammy, Bert, Cleary, and Eaves should all be benched or moved so that the above players have spots. You call up guys like Sheahan, Mrzaek and Ferraro to get in a few games here and there. I'd also consider dealing Flip if the Wings can, especially for a center or dman of a similar age (25-29). I'd also consider dealing Franzen if we could get a solid deal for him. Dats is likely gone in a year and the Wings will be lucky if Zetterberg can remain at season after another season or two. Right now only Jarnkrok is looking like a true top 6 center (perhaps Sheahan). This is why I'd totally accept a Weiss for Flip trade if we could resign him.

2. Say no we are going to make the playoffs and fix this roster. Immediately trade for a defensive D than can play with Kronner. I don't care if he is old or slow. Lashoff is not a number 2 dman (he's probably and ok 6). We need a legit defensive dman that can play heavy minutes on the PK (thus taking Kronner off of it) and will allow Kronwall to play his game. Stop fing around with the offensive voids that are Cleary and Abs and put players that have at least exuded some offensive talent in the top 6. I'm looking at Eaves and Tatar. Heck I'd even try Tootoo up there as he at least can provide an energy spark. Stop putting Brunner out in areas where he will fail defensively IE the point on the PP and out late in tied or close games. If Helm doesn't look like he is going to be back soon, you also need to trade for a center. 4th or 3rd line, I don't care but Abby cannot play center. If cannot do the above then you move to option 1 and start doing something productive.

As a fan I could handle either option but failing to do either is a waste of a season. The Wings cannot afford to lose a season. And Bob you are entirely right, the media needs to start forcing these points/ questions.
I think Holland and Babcock are in a kind of no mans land, and I agree with you, they should choose one of the opsions.
I think we have Z and Dastyuk who are top players in the league and we should go for the playoffs and try the best.
The question is whether Babcock and Holland are on the same page.

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