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Originally Posted by jjtt View Post
Depends how many nhl guys will play. He's currently 7-8th in the center depth chart behind M.Koivu,Granlund,V.Fillpula,S.Koivu,I.Filppula, Lehterä,Nokelainen, Immonen,Kapanen

He has a change but not a very good one
Granlund will be most likely a winger. We have good depth in centre so no need to play him at center. Hes more usefull as winger. Valtteri Filppula plays most likely wing to Mikko Koivu if they both come. S. Koivu won't come as he didn't last year despite it was on our soil(full host). Nokelainen haven't played a game this year and i still pick Barkov over him. Immonen is an option but he was very weak at last WC and haven't played single EHT game and Ilari filppula was weak at EHT and he's been weak in FEL lately. He is usefull only in top 2 C role we have those spots crowded.

My center depth in top 2 lines:
Mikko Koivu
Valtteri Filppula(If mikko doesen't play)
Jori Lehterä
Petri Kontiola
Jarkko Immonen
Ilari Filppula

Bottom 2 C:
Niko Kapanen
Aleksander Barkov
Jarkko Immonen

NHL will end just before when WC's start because of lockout. I don't see many NHL players coming for european teams except for those who competes for olympic roster spot.

With NHL players i could see it going:

Mikko Koivu
Jori Lehterä
Jarkko Immonen/Aleksander Barkov
Niko Kapanen

Without Filppula and Mikko Koivu

Jori Lehterä
Petri Kontiola/Jarkko Immonen
Aleksander Barkov/Jarkko Immonen
Niko Kapanen

Barkov might not be the strongest candidate to this team if we look at Jukka Jalonen previous teams but Jari Kurri himself stated that Barkov is high on their lists and he is strong candidate. Even though there is big possibility that he won't make it but i wouldn't take his name out. Strong playoffs and FEL championship and he'll be likely option.

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