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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Hey TG,

I'd love to hear who you think is our top 10 prospects.

We know they have Toffoli listed as our top prospect (not much to argue with there), I'll take a stab at who are the rest. here's my top 10:

1. Tyler Toffoli
2. Tanner Pearson
3. Derek Forbort
4. Kevin Gravel
5. Christopher Gibson
6. Michael Mersch
7. Linden Vey
8. Nick Shore
9. Alex Roach
10. Nic Dowd

A lot can change in the bottom there, as there is legit reasoning for any of Kozun, Andreoff, Lowry, Schumacher, Prohorkin, Miller, Hyka, Ladue and Deslauriers to be placed on that list.

I know you'll say "and what about Kitsyn?" and I agree, he should be considered as well, however given his lack of legit competition the past few seasons, it's hard to place him on our top 10. Next year will be a much better test for him.

Overall, I think we have a pretty solid top 10 for what I listed there, but we do lack a blue chipper, someone with a high ceiling, outside of Toffoli and even he I'd question if he has a truly high end, blue chipper caliber ceiling. He's got the potential to be good, really good, but not great.

I am really bad at this part of evaluating for the most part. It is due to the different positions and styles/types of play that each of these kids bring to the table. The overall aspect of ranking kids is tough for me because while I know that TT has exceptional skills so does Gibson but the two are so totally different and at such different places of their careers that I struggle at knowing where they should be ranked overall in comparison to each other.

Keeping that in mind I would probably go.......

1. Tyler Toffoli
2. Linden Vey
3. Tanner Pearson
4. Derek Forbort
5. Kevin Gravel
6. Nick Shore
7. Christopher Gibson
8. Brandon Kozun
9. Nik Deslauriers
10. Andy Andy

I left Kitsyn off the list. He wants to play in the NHL and we are going to get our chance to see if/how ready he is soon enough but until he gets back over here I left him off.

I watched Dowd and Mersch during my three weeks in ND (Minot ND gets stupid cold -48 while I was there) both but I still don't have a feel on where they will end up just yet. Dowd is slick and looks like a big player at times. He has the skills and the hands to be solid but there is something that just seems to be missing. Chalk it up to where he is on the developmental curve for now I guess. I want to see him in camp and then up against pro competition before I know where he will end up. At this point I see him as a borderline NHLer.

Mersch is big enough but at times plays a smaller mans game. He can be a real difference maker and isn't afraid of going into the corners but then seems to wander/be less determined in front of the net. He skates pretty well but then finds himself behind the play at times. If he continues developing into the player he could become then he has the potential to be a top 6nhler. Id say 50/50 at this point though so I don't know.

I put Kozun on the list because the kid is just that good. He hits digs scores grinds and does it all while being pretty solid in every zone. If he were two inches taller he would be on the Kings today. I think he has 3rd line grinder with second line spot duty winger written all over him.

Andy A is a solid bottom 6er who should be able to bring his game to the next level and then surprise a few people with his overall game when he does. I put him on the list because he is more of a lock to get some time in the NHL then a few of our other kids but I don't know when.

We overlook NDes but he is doing very good and developing the way most D prospects do and have forever, slowly (but you know that) but steadily and solid. He is in his second season and turned a corner on his overall play. I still see second pairing two way stay at home type of Dman in the NHL for him and in fact think he has potential to become a fixture for us in time. One of those guys you hang onto.

I love Gravel's game but mostly because he is just so solid at everything. 3rd pairing dman who is just too good at his job for you to want to try and get him to do more even though he can. Hard nosed stay at home NHLer who can skate well enough and has a nice pass. Solid all arounder.

I think so highly of Shore for his level of compete. He just wants it more than his competition and most nights that is what makes him the best player on the ice. It is also why he plays with nagging little injuries most of the time too which slows down his development and keeps him from looking like an elite talent.

He needs to get to MCH and start what I think will be a 2-3year process of developing how to know when to turn it on and when turning it on takes him out of the game. He is also going to take a couple of pro seasons to develop his hands when it comes to goal scoring. He scores allot of goals off of rebounds and while he does have a few moves they aren't going to help him at the next level.

I think Shore is going to be our Captain one day but he is going to take a little time getting there.

Pearson could become a really good 2nd line utility type. He is ready to work his way onto the team along with TT next season.

I like several of our other prospects and think that my list is subjective at best from the 6 spot down. I see TT and Vey as potentially elite talents in the NHL and Forbort is likely to become a very good 2nd pairing two way D who makes it more due to his size and skating than his skill but also believe that Roach Gravel and Des will all also make it to the NHL and could end up being as highly thought of as time goes on.

My forte is having an eye (actually a system) for assessing a prospects NHL potential and role they should play once they get there more than having any real clue as to how they rank in consideration to each other but that is how I see things today.

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