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02-22-2013, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by m9 View Post
It is a huge drain on the media, for one. Most sporting events they attend aren't 6 or 7 hours long. Also it's a long day for everyone working at the event, and that's when you see screwups. Commentators, judges, doctors, etc.
I think this is really pushing it. An extra 3/4 fights at the start of the show is an extra hour at most, it's hardly going to have much of an affect on the issues you brought up.

Plus they want to cut costs, this is another way and it's a better way than cutting actual talent.
The guys that were cut for monetary reasons are the Jon Fitch's and Jackob Volkmann's, hardly entertaining "talent".

Like was said, there are tons of empty seats there as well. I don't think most fans want to sit through that long of a card anyway, so saying it's for the fans is a bit much. For the second Vancouver card it was pretty empty for much of the prelims.
From what I recall the floor seats were barren but the upper bowl seats were quite full. The latest card in Seattle was nearly full at 1pm.

Look at the guys fighting in the bottom couple fights on the UFC cards these days. It's not pretty. These guys aren't UFC calibre.
Some aren't and some are. At 158 Dan Miller, Jordan Mein, Yves Jabouin, TJ Dillashaw and George Roop are all likely to be fighting in the first 4 fights. I'd argue they're all UFC calibre.

The complaint I don't understand is what's wrong with having extra fights? Because the media, commentators etc have to work an extra hour? Come on. If the fights suck, who cares? Don't bother watching them. Like I've said, some of the fights turn out to be the best of the night. I really don't see a compelling argument for the UFC getting rid of fights. If they want to pay for them to happen, I say let them.

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