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02-22-2013, 11:26 AM
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No one's perfect. But I'm glad Murray acknowledges his mistakes in order to improve. In retrospect, yeah I'm mad about the whole trade for Beauch back. Would it be different if we had traded for a different defenseman? We had Burke. We overspent and kept overspending. At the same time, we ignored our prospect pool. The meme was Win Now, who cares about everything else under Burke. I'm grateful for the Cup, but I'm over that now. Now it's about being able to survive as a small market team. Nowadays we complain about "if this player does not perform to that contract, then I'll be pissed." Instead of "did we really give that much to Big Bert? And how much for Schneider?!"

Murray had to tinker at first. He thought we can be a small, fast team. But the NHL refs didn't care and swallowed their whistle. This time around he went big and it's paying dividends. Our prospects are starting to pilfer into the NHL. Our scouting helped up nab Fasth and Andersen. Winnik turns out to be a freakin' steal... and he came over because Cogs talked to our org about him. Heck, Lovejoy was a find too!

It's difficult to remain mad at Murray for that long when you look at what he's been doing. It's like me being mad at BB for all the crazy line combo's, but what he's trying to do is find a better combination if possible. Like putting Ryan at center now looks as though that's an amazing thought. Since that has transpired, i'm not as infuriated... still upset, but not as infuriated as now I see what BB's trying to do.

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