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02-22-2013, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Gobias Industries View Post
Counterpoint from a Canadian NBA fan:

TSN is probably guilty of the opposite, only to a higher degree.
TSN shows more basketball highlights and has more basketball segments than ESPN does hockey.

I've watched ESPN when there was only a handful of NBA games on the night before and more than double the hockey games. They did full highlight packages of all the NBA games, got analysis for the games, then showed some interviews from those games. After that they did some stuff on college basketball, football and a bit on the NFL offseason. Then they started to do those NBA highlights again. 10 minutes later they finally got to hockey, but they only showed 2 of the games.

TSN almost always gets to every game unless there was too many games, then they'll cut out games from teams like the Bobcats or Pistons.

TSN focuses on hockey, but they talk enough about the other sports. NBA is the one they least talk about (I'd say it's hockey, then Blue Jays baseball, then a tie between other teams MLB/NFL football then NBA but it's not like they ignore games like ESPN does. ESPN treats basketball like its the number one sport in the USA when its not. TSN treats hockey like it's the number one sport in Canada which it is.

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