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02-22-2013, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by TheJoeMan View Post
I didn't want to drag the Fasth signing thread into a GM debate so I figured I bring it here. Plus there's been a lot of discussion about the moves Murph has made and it deserves it's own thread in my opinion.

I'm so sick of hearing this rationale. People swear to god Murph let Beauch walk and then traded for him like a week later. In the year and a half that passed circumstances changed. When he signed with Toronto a lot people felt it was for too much money and we couldn't afford it. When we got him back half of that contract expired and we were in a position to finally pay him that money. Plus how do we know Murph didn't offer the exact same contract and Frankie just picked Toronto? He was a free agent, it was his decision. Signing a player has less to do with the abilities of the GM and more to do with the intentions of the player.

But that's beside the point. Just because a player signs somewhere else doesn't mean you shouldn't reacquire them if the opportunity presents itself. Look at how good Beauch has been since he's been back. My god he's leading the league in plus/minus right now. And everyone thought it was a great trade at the time. Lupul was doing little but get hurt and Gardiner was expendable because of that little d-bag. Honestly I'd take Frankie's game right now over Gardiner's potential anyway considering the young d-men we have right now.

I'm happy with the job Murph has done. I mean look at the team right now. He went out and got players that fit and it's working great. He had the balls to fire our greatest coach ever because he knew going with Boudreau was the right call. He threw a lot of money at Fasth and guaranteed him a roster spot because he knew he was the real deal. He made those bold trades in '09 with Moen and Pahlsson and we were just a goal away from the Conference Finals that year. The return he got for Pronger was fantastic. He swings and misses sometimes but he gets on base a hell of lot more times.
Prof summed my thoughts up pretty much but I will add a little:

The circumstances never changed after Murray let Beauch walk. There was a huge hole in the defense from day 1 of that first season with out him. That's bad asset management and bad vision IMO. I'm not necessarily mad that we had to trade back for Beauchemin specifically. My gripe is that we should never have to trade back for one period because Beauch should have never been allowed to walk. That hole in the roster was made because Murray had faith in unproven players. Even if he traded for a different top 4 defenseman I'd still be pissed because just re-signing Beauch would never have allowed that hole to open.

People were worried that we'd have to throw crazy money at Beauchemin because of the deals that were going on. The common thought here was that he'd get at least 4.5 million. He ended up signing for 3.8, and id argue that he woulda stayed here for 3.5 since this has always been his first choice.

Anyway my original argeement a few days ago was that before this season, Murray's job here had been mediocre at best. Still stand by that. Hope the team continues to do well though. Would love for him to prove me wrong and change my views on him entirely.

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