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02-22-2013, 12:49 PM
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logorrhea - keep your anonymity. especially of your are attached to main stream media or have associations with any team etc. Anonymity does not hide one from being libel, you leave a footprint and trail on every post. Same as twitter etc.

Case in point for media association, I am a moderator for an unofficial forum for one of the OHL teams, we had a guy I knew use his real name( I told him not too but ego is a big thing) he was breaking into the media biz so he felt he had to make a name and do some investigative reporting and be very critical of the team. His posts did not tell any lies etc but he did tell the truth that the team did not want to hear. The team got to the local cable company and he was told he was done doing the broadcasts or even working the games behind the camera. He eventually got a job with a local mainstream TV station and eventually things smoothed out between him and the team. He since has move on out west doing radio and broadcasting for a hockey team out there.

Using your real name or divulging it in your profile can and probably will lead to issues for you

Stay safe, stay anonymous

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