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Originally Posted by Dampland View Post
Hall intended to "light up" Clutterbuck, I think everyone can agree to that. It was the end of the game, the Oilers were losing, and Hall was frustrated. But where went wrong is he continued to reached out with the leg/hip after he realized that Clutterbuck not only DID NOT have the puck, and that he was going to miss his check on Clutterbuck.

It was a reactionary play by Hall, just as most "knee on knee" hits. A guy goes for a big hit and realizes he is going to miss the player so he throws out a leg/knee to make contact. It happens, I was guilty of doing it when I played (no, not NHL) and I was about as clean a player as they come.

The problem is, that it is illegal & dangerous to do. Whether intentional or reactionary, he broke the rules. And it should not make 1% of a difference against who it happened.

While Hall does not have a record with the NHL office for "dirty" play, I still think he will get 1-3 games (most likely 1).

What Hall should be more concerned about is the fact that this is the second time just this year (other time in the AHL) that he has crossed the line and injured someone. (I think I remember he also had a bit of a reputation at Windsor for sometimes playing this way too.) He won't be able to keep doing that, and continue to think he will be protected by his star status; because eventually some player on some team will take a run at him.

Not sure where you've been since Hall came into the NHL, but he has been the victim of numerous runs and near misses. Cory Sarich says hi. He was getting run before and I'm not naive enough to believe it wasn't going to stop regardless of what he did. He's a star player and he's going to be a target for the rest of his career, just like Crosby is for example. Except this year he's dishing it out a bit. Turnabout is fair play and I for one endorse it.

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