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02-22-2013, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by 16 To Stanley View Post
Yea, I don't know that.

JT was brought in to help them win a cup. Believe what you want, but when big players aren't on a team that delivers they get knocked for it. It's always been that way and always will be, regardless of what the fans of each specific team want to say.

Lundqvist is arguably the greatest Rangers goalie in team history (or at least he will be once he retires) yet i can admit, if he doesn't win a cup, he will always be knocked for it, as he should be.

Anyways, I know JT has been good in the playoffs the past couple years, but I shouldn't have said that, since the argument is moot.

Regardless, Rangers aren't going to trade 2 massive pieces of there top 6 future, for an aging JT, who while still a top notch player, just doesn't make sense for us to sacrifice the pieces it would take.
There's a difference between saying "always be knocked for it" and saying "can't perform when it counts". The Rangers haven't gotten the hump, could I say that Lundqvist can't perform when it counts and he's just a regular season goalie?
If you just said the bolded that would have been fine. But by adding the stereotypical "choking" label, it really lowers your credibility since it shows how little you know about Thornton.

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