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02-22-2013, 12:12 PM
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This is what Hall should bring up to defend in the hearing:

Look at the video in slowmo first, that's what happened. I just wish all the people saying it's knee on knee, puck was long gone had a look before criticizing without even looking at it carefully. It's just as reckless to criticize without reviewing it carefully.

Before the hit:
- Clutterbuck actually had the puck right in front of himself, then puck kept bouncing,
- he started cutting to the middle diagonally and tried to use his left skate to control the puck towards the direction he's turning,
- but he missed the puck with his skate.

- Hall was already committed to going the same direction where Clutterbuck was turning.
- he could've been anticipating that Clutterbuck would be able to control the puck with skate and the puck would've been right there, but he might not have anticipated Clutterbuck would miss. Hall did not change direction right before making contact,

During the hit:
- point of FIRST contact was Hall's hip into Clutterbuck thigh & hip, and, Hall's knee into inside of Clutterbuck's knee, all at the same time.
- Hall's got Clutterbuck in between his leg, and it's not those classic dirty sticking out the knee hit where the contact was only between the two players knee.

It's reckless because Hall wasn't able to let up when Clutterbuck missed taking the puck with his skate and the puck bounced away, but if Matt Cooke can be reckless with raising his leg and push down on Karlsson's achilles, and Olver shoulder catching the chin of an unsuspected Tarasenko, and with both gotten away with nothing, How can they suspend Hall? If they say recklessness should be suspended in those 2 other scenarios, I would have no problem if they suspend Hall for a game.

If they suspend Hall, then it's because they're tired of these reckless plays and need to make and example out of it which unfortunately may be Hall in this case.

And as for the injured player being Clutterbuck. I don't like seeing player getting injured like that even it is Clutterbuck. He is a victim on this no doubt. Also want to mention though, how many other players in the league have been victimized and injured by dirty, late, or borderline hits delivered by Clutterbuck? I also don't like seeing those too.

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