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Originally Posted by CodeE View Post
Charles Wang has always been a very frugal man, that much I think we can all agree on. An owner who goes to such lengths to field a cap floor team, and other actions to assure the most money in his pocket will continue to work for the sake of his wallet.

Now, we all know Wang is rumored to be selling the team. The Islanders are Wang's most prized possession, a major sports franchise, and truth be told, it seems as though Wang wants the Islanders to be more valuable to a potential buyer. We're talking hundreds of millions of dollars here folks, and even small steps can increase the value of the Islanders to buyers: minor changes could be worth millions in the long run.

Some factors that are already increasing the value:

Tavares - One of the brightest young stars in the lead, a true franchise forward who you build your team around.

Brooklyn - Moving closer to the heart of Manhattan means that a successful team will steal bandwagoners from the five boroughs.

Our prospect pool - One of the best in the league, lots of blue chip prospects eager to make the jump to the pros.

But now, the Dipietro waiving, and potential offseason buyout, would also increase the value of this franchise, as it would shed the embarrassment of being associated with that contract.

What other steps can we anticipate in order for Wang to increase the value? Here's a couple I wouldn't be surprised to see:

- Fire Cappy, get Ruff behind the bench. It's a longshot, but it would pay out in spades if there was a respected, established coach in the organization. Maybe fire Snow as well but I'm not sure I see that happening.

- Seriously go after a top player, through free agency or trade: We've got the capspace, we've got the assets, so why not? Especially a young, minute-eating defenseman. Again, a $7 mill/year defenseman could yield Wang like $12 million more in a sale, and it's not like Wang gonna's have to keep paying that guy 4 years down the road.

So, what other steps do you think Wang could take in order to increase the value of the Islanders to potential buyers?
If at all possible get to Brooklyn as soon as possible.

Right now that arena is hot!

The Nets are hot.

The place is getting the best shows and events.

It would be a shame if they have to wait until 2016 when much of the Buzz will have faded.

1. Get to Brooklyn

2. Overpay for a FA and open the doors to others

3. Dramatically increase payroll

4. Win.

5. Beat the Rags in a playoff series.

6. Get Bettman to host a Rags vs. Isles winter classic at Citifield

There you go Mr. Wang, the road map to doubling the value of your investment.

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