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02-22-2013, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Nicky Santoro View Post
lets be honest here.. shouldn't the hawks tomorrow vs SJ get a 23.4 rating intstead of 6?? if chicago is now a hockey town because of this start, then i think anything less than 23.4 would be a disppointment. here is why... they are playing at home on a fri night, no work next day, vs a good team (sj).. and most important, they are going for the all time NHL record.. 100 yr record.. i know if this was happening in montreal on a fri night, the whole province would be watching. we might even get a 64.3 rating.. if i see tomorrow a 6.3 rating, i will think it's a disappointment. if the bears can get a 43.3 rating during reg season and they're .500, why cant the talk of town hawks who are going for an all time NHL record at home on a fri night get 20.0+. am i right here boys??

oh, and also, the bulls playing worst team in nba and that game will be over by the 1st period.. so it's the only show in Chicago tomorrow night..
It's a really obscure record. Consecutive-games-without-a-loss-not-including-overtime-or-shootout-losses-to-start-a-season. Not exactly as snappy as winning-streak.

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