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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post

Regarding the bake : To optimize results, one should bake them one skate at a time and follow manufacturer's instructions. Since they are so pliable, the skate fitter should absolutely help out but forming the boot with his/her hands around all parts of the foot. Your second bake seems to have addressed what the first didn't.

Regarding the sharpening : What skates did you have before and how long have you used them for?

Regarding RBZ : The 2013 CCM catalogue hasn't been posted yet and thus I've only seen a few photos online.
Pro tacks ca. 04-05ish, been through a few sets of holders & steel (before that 852's & 1052's, 2002 & 2003ish). 11' profile, 5/8" sharpening.

Thinking about trying a 9' radius with a 30-50 or 35-65, 5/8" sharpening. Would like a bit more turning agility as I'm 35 & don't move my feet as much as I used to (sidestep,crossover etc.), but still would like some good glide, I play forward & can still 'power skate' with a long, strong stride.


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