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02-22-2013, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by FTDD View Post
What I'm doing is bandying about the idea of having equipment in trainer's bags because from the reporting that I've seen so far is that everyone involved did a great job handling the situation with what was readily available.

That said, yes, I am wondering why there was no mention of a tourniquet other than a jacket.

As well, all I wanted to confirm was your stance on having that piece of equipment stocked within the trainer's arsenal.

How about I pose the question this way; If they have no purpose built tourniquet in their bag, do you think they should?
It's quite likely they do have something to that effect in their trainer bag. Just because there was no mention of a tourniquet being used doesn't mean that one wasn't used. A blood soaked jacket paints a more compelling narrative for the readers. These are journalists, after all.

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