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02-22-2013, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Beville View Post
Right, I got some EQ50's which are perfect EXCEPT for one spot, which occurs on both skates in the same place... I've had them baked three times and this spot hasn't gone away... It's on the inside of the foot, below and forward of the ankle... Is it just going to be a case of a lot of skating or what? It's not painful, more just uncomfortable. I feel it may be due to my feet being just a tad wide for the boot though?

So yeah, discuss please!
So it's a spot problem? You didn't have to rebake the entire skate if that's the case. There are several ways to treat a spot problem: punch, spot heat and stretch. Stretching widens the whole boot, so that might not be a good option. Does your local shop have a puncher?

Originally Posted by sanityplease View Post
Pro tacks ca. 04-05ish, been through a few sets of holders & steel (before that 852's & 1052's, 2002 & 2003ish). 11' profile, 5/8" sharpening.

Thinking about trying a 9' radius with a 30-50 or 35-65, 5/8" sharpening. Would like a bit more turning agility as I'm 35 & don't move my feet as much as I used to (sidestep,crossover etc.), but still would like some good glide, I play forward & can still 'power skate' with a long, strong stride.

That sounds like a good idea; the CLs come with a factory 10'. I would recommend sticking with your 5/8" as well. Any preference for pitch?

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