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02-22-2013, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by powerstuck View Post
I think you guys didn't understand my point.

Harper will cut CBC funding by a number...and probably a high number (there were some newspapers writings about that).

He won't tell CBC he wants them to cut HNIC, but cutting the budget by lets say 30-40%...CBC will make it's own decisions.

And given the fact that NHL is cash-starving anything may happen.

Bell took the Olympics from CBC without any remorse (and CBC was not really happy), you don't think they would not like to take hockey aswell ?
Any amount of funding cut to the ceeb doesn't matter with the current contract, HNIC is profitable to them. At this point it is self-funding and actually helps the ceeb pay for their other programming.
If they bid so much that it is unprofitable for them in the future they have no business bidding that high, they have no business spending any of their annual $1 billion grant on what should be a profitable venture. If they can't make money at it, get out of the way of private industry that CAN do it profitably and return the profit to shareholders or reinvest in the business. Government shouldn't be distorting markets in this way.

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