Thread: Injury Report: Cal Clutterbuck UPD: Placed on IR
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02-22-2013, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by WiFi75 View Post
I'm maybe too old.. but the way I see a hip check. The hitter is skating more like backwards and hitting with the hip only. Old school.

It's very difficult to me to understand that you may hip check like that -> skating forward with bent knee. No matter what part of you hits first or best. If it wasn't a knee on knee it was a failed knee on knee. Hip check - no way.
Yeah, I totally agree. Just because he hit him with his hip/knee (w/e ppl are calling it), doesn't mean it's a legal play.

When I think of a properly executed hipcheck, I think of a player racing down the boards and an opposing player cutting down the angle so the other player is left with nowhere to go and then he gets hipchecked. The hipchecker is usually approaching from a lateral direction. (does that explanation make sense? it makes sense in my head). If taylor hall thinks what he did is legal then .

In Taylor hall's case, he is moving in a forward direction and turns at the last second to take out clutterbuck's leg. That is not how you deliver a safe hipcheck. When a hipcheck is not delivered properly, they can be very dangerous. Taylor hall needs be dealt with for this reckless and dirty hit. You can end a player's career doing nonsense like this.

When hipchecks are performed correctly there is almost never an injury (those head over heels ones). That habs player emelin has some solid open-ice hipchecks, but you never really see the hipcheckers moving forward to deliver it. It's kind of a lateral motion towards the player. Hall goes across his field of view and takes out the leg that is further away.

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