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Originally Posted by hunjeebakala View Post
i wasnt exactly sure when the saudi incident happen (which i stated) but it wasn't exactly recent now was it? nor was it a blatant contact.

zidane's card history is like most good futballers that been around for a while. but you wouldn't know that.

um... did you even hear the zidane interview? he didn't exactly go into great detail about what the italian said to him as he kept it extremely vague, he just said that it was terrible and crossed the line. he said he would rather have been punched then to have heard that. yah, i'm sure materazzi just told zidane that 'he's a bad boy'....and zidane overrreacted.
then again, i'm glad you dismissed the fact that an ITALIAN LIP READER confirmed that what materazzi said was in fact racist. but you'd obviously going to dismiss this FACT, considering you have an agenda.
what does scoring goals take away from the fact he's a cancer? did i ever question materazzi's ability to play the game? the guy has great skill. learn how to read, and as for me sticking to hockey?

well considering i constantly get the better of you in regards to the hockey discussion and this is a message board dedicated to hockey, i'll gladly take that as a compliment.

-Well you said he was a teenager or close to it. Totally false, he was 26.
-Yes it was blatant.

-No they asked it it was a racist comment and Zidane said No. 3 lip readers said three different things. I'll go with what Zidane says.

Where is this a fact? Do you care to elaborate where an Italian lip reader stated it was racist?

If you watched soccer at all you would know where the Saudi incident happened. You were WAYYY off.

You're the 1st person to say Materazzi has "great skill". Another clear indication you have no idea what you're talking about.

The next time you get the better of me in a hockey discussion will be the 1st time.

You're totally clueless, again.

Oh and by the way, his read card history IS NOT like most other good footballers. False. Look up the disciplinary record many of today's top footballers and you will see a difference.

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