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Originally Posted by S E P H View Post
I agree that Avs marketing team is trash and it's front office is way to secretive for absolutely no reason what so ever. Also forgive me considering I was a baby during Nuggets golden years, but I don't think they have set the longest sellout streak in the NBA compared to the Avs. That is why if both teams had winning records, the fans would flock back to the Avs.

Nuggets are a decent young team (like the Senators) who just went on a fantastic winning streak. If I was Nugget's fan I would consider those attendance numbers pretty disappointing with just a 3k drop off to a rebuilding club who is like the ginger kid of Stan's family.

Avalanche were 8th in the league when they won the cup the 2nd time. 18,007 people on average. That's not even 100 more people than what the Nuggets are doing right now. Go back in time 10 years to when the Nuggets were 100x worse than the Avalanche is right now and thy were 20th in the league compared to the Avalanche's 27th, getting 200 or so more people a game. Nuggets were still 20th in the NBA while winning 17 games I believe too? The year before they got Melo? Getting a few hundred more people than the Avs are pulling right now.

Avalanche no doubt peaked higher than the Nuggets have. Finishing 8th one year is something the Nuggets never have, nor will ever do IMO. Basketball is also a far more popular sport in America tho and far harder to compete with. We Avalanche fans are pretty spoiled. Since they've came to Denver, we've been stacked with talent. Joe Sakic just isn't an All-Star, he's an All-Time great. Patrick Roy might be the best goalie of all time, Foppa? Hejduk winning the Richard trophy.

NBA doesn't have as much parody as the NHL, people know this. Nuggets have been out of the first round ONCE this entire decade. In the past 12 years, Nugs have made one playoff run and the city went crazy. One of the best stadiums the entire playoff runs. Nuggets are probably never going to do anything unless they eventually tank and land a superstar ...

IMO that's why the Nuggets are above the Avs in this town. They've had comparable or better numbers since '00 when the talent isn't anywhere close to the same. They are a far less successful of a franchise than the Avalanche, even if Stan is a ******.

Just feels like they are more known in Denver, just my opinion tho. I love all 3 and the Broncos are the powerhouse

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