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Originally Posted by gonnaneedsomewine View Post
Yep I would agree they don't play too similarly, I was just using it as a reference for struggling as a young highly touted prospect, being written off as a bust, going to a new team and having a turn around and becoming a good NHL player like you said.

What piece/pieces would you be willing to deal for Paajarvi? I would have to think Edmonton is looking for help on defense or maybe a rugged power forward to beef up the offense since they have a ton of skill guys.
I'm really unsure what the Oilers would want for him, as they are at that stage of the rebuild where results will have to start to show. So I can't see them looking for picks or far off prospects (more than a year+ away). That said, I don't think they are in the position to trade for a veteran who to long in the tooth, as they are a year or two away from really making a push for the playoffs (like will push next year and get in in 2014-2015). So I'd wager they would like someone back who is with them for a few seasons, but also closer to the current age of their core group.

If they are seeking size as you suggested, the obvious answer would be Dwight King. I'd think we'd have to add to him to get Paajarvi, so I'd suggest adding Muzzin if they are seeking a blueliner who can play now. He might fit in there decently as outside of Justin Schultz and Petry (who has been pretty bad this year) they don't have anyone with much offensive upside on the blueline next year. Whitney is a UFA and, considering they have been scratching him, I doubt he'll return without testing the market first.

That said, Klefblom could be ready next year, meaning they won't have a need for a D-man. As well, Marcinin and yes, even Teubert, are pushing for ice time, so they may not have as big of a need on the backend.

So hard to say what they really need. Honestly, Jarrett Stoll may work out perfectly there. Has a few more years left

King/Stoll and Muzzin for Paajarvi and a 4th/5th? That might be light on our end, depending on how highly they think of Paajarvi. I would have thought Ellerby would ahave cost more than a 5th, so Paajarvi could be cheap to get too.

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