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Originally Posted by Erick View Post
I feel like Kovalev is worth a lot of nothing.

Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind trading any of the guys listed with the exception of Goc, and even he has his own trade value.

I would like to keep Bergenheim too, but I'm not sure what's going on there.

I do not like our first line from last year. It's not just this year, either. They were very good for the first 30 games last year, and then pretty much sucked the rest of the way.

They're not that good. Weiss is a 2nd line center who is an upcoming UFA. Flash is a one-dimensional 2nd line winger. Versteeg is an inconsistent 3rd line winger. There's a reason why Versteeg has been traded so many times. I don't think this is just because of injuries. It's the way he is, apparently.

We need to get bigger.

That line is too flashy and they're not skilled enough to play that way. Not only have they lacked production, they've been this team's biggest liability for awhile now (again, since the first 30 games last year). Look at the +/- #'s, they've been dreadful. It's pretty annoying to watch them play.

The difference between that line and our current #1 line is that this version is more skilled and younger. And while they're also small for the most part, they play hard. Mueller has shown that he's willing to get to the dirty areas and win battles. Huberdeau is the most skilled player we have, and Shore is responsible with some offensive ability.
I agree that we could use more size in our lineup. And while you're probably right about Weiss & Fleischmann basically being 2nd liners if they were on a contending team, we just lack 1st line talent and thats not easy to acquire without developing it yourself. Right now in terms of 1st line talent, we really only have Huberdeau. I like Mueller but he's not a true 1st liner on a contending team, and Shore definitely isnt either. Versteeg has always been a bit injury prone and thats mostly why he's been traded so much. That and obviously he's been streaky in his career. I think Tallon isnt going to trade him anyway but if he's used the right way, he's still a worthwhile 2nd/3rd liner on most playoff teams.

If Tallon does decide to blow it up, the names mentioned are all fine with me to get moved. I honestly wouldnt mind Kulikov being included in the list of guys to be moved as well. Maybe we could do a deal like Pittsburgh did with Dallas when they swapped Goligoski for Neal & Niskanen. Thats the type of deal that I would want to do if we were to move Kulikov (we could include something else but not an asset like our 1st rounder or anything like that). I definitely see us not having Bergy, Upshall and possibly Weaver on the squad next yr to open some roster spots.

One thing I've noticed this yr is that we really do lack a d-man with good size but strong positioning to pair with Campbell. Garrison was that guy last yr and Kuba just doesnt have the same qualities as Garrison. Wish we had a chance to have traded for Z.Michalek this offseason as he would've been an awesome fit on our team with same salary as Kuba & fit better for our team.

Looking at the free agents to be, I've seen a few guys that I think make sense for us and have a bit more size. Lets also assume for a min that Weiss doesnt re-sign as well and I could see us targeting the following guys if we did do a blow up:

C Tyler Bozak (Toronto) - 27 yrs old, good size at 6'1" ~200 lbs, wins faceoffs...will transition well to a 2nd or 3rd line center down the line, currently making $1.5M/yr (expect him to get a deal at least similar to Weiss' now)
LW/RW Ryane Clowe (San Jose) - 30 yrs old, another guy with size at 6'2" 225lbs, consistently puts up ~20 g and 50 pts, still good defensively, currently making $3.625M/yr
LW/RW Ryan Jones (Edmonton) - will be 29 yrs old, would replace Bergy on 3rd line with better size, 6'1" 210 lbs, currently making $1.5M/yr

I think those 3 guys would fit us perfectly and still leave spots in the future for prospects. I would expect something like this if we could get those guys in our lineup:

Huberdeau - Bozak - Mueller
Fleischmann - Shore - Clowe
Jones - Goc - Versteeg
Parros - Matthias - Skille

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