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02-22-2013, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by FTDD View Post
How to use them?

It's not rocket science, you've said you were in the forces as well, I'm sure you have handled them before.

So the tradeoff is damage to surrounding tissue(?) or death.
You're right. It's not rocket science. However that being said, I've seen tourniquets put on incorrectly during training, and the poor medic's leg swelled up to half the size and from her upper thigh to the tips of her toes were black and blue.

A tourniquet that high will cut off the circulation to your entire leg...and if it is left on too long, you could lose the leg.

To you and I, it's very cut and dry. But to a professional athlete, I imagine that it's not that simple. Extensive damage to his leg can and will affect the rest of his career.

I get the ABC's and stuff...but apply pressure does not mean apply tourniquet. You use a tourniquet with the understanding that it's life or death and to aren't goin to get medical help right away and you know that the guy will probably have lasting effects from it.

In this case, you can get him to the hospital to get looked at.

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