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02-22-2013, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by DeeMeck View Post
I think announcers have to be more responsible with their calls. The Minnesota guy says the puck wasn't there over and over and that is just not true. Maybe in slow motion time goes but at live speed it is less than a second after Clutterbuck loses the puck that he gets hit.

Look, I'm not a fan of Hall, but he did not hit Clutterbuck's knee, nor did Hall lead with his knee.

If you think Hall deserves to be suspended (I don't), then you need to go back and look at the Brown hit on Rozsival of the Coyotes in the playoffs last year and tell me which one is dirtier.

Brown contacts Roszival's knee and actually does stick his leg out a little bit. Hall missed the knee and used his hip. What Brown did to Rozsival is alot worse than this hit.

To the poster above me, I don't see anything remotely close to "intent to injure is clearly there"
I aprrecciate teh unbias point of view you are bringing. I will have to re-look and compare to the brown hit. I do not remember his leg being out as far, but than again maybe I have a little bit of blinders on.
One thing I do remember is the Canadian broadacasters (forget if it was TSN or CBC) of the Brown hit seemed to think it wasn't a knee..boaderline yes. Everything I have read about the hall hit seems to lead to this being suspensin or fine.

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