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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Thanks TG, always great to have your insight.

I agree with your assessments on both Dowd and Mersch, pretty much spot on. I think you may actually think Dowd will be more of an offensive threat than even I do, and I see him more as 4th liner with some upside (Scott Parse perhaps?) to do better in the right situation. Mersch I think could be a big time goalscorer or not get above the AHL level, he's at a fork in the road in terms of development and it will be interesting to see which way he goes. I hate judging a guy by his stats, but he would be a guy whose numbers you would expect to grow if his game is growing as well.

Kozun, I think we differ on. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see him as a 3rd line type, not on the Kings anyways. That said, he could develop into a Chad Larose type, capable of chipping in a decent amount of points and playing in several situations, a jack-of-all-trades but not reat at any sort of player.

I almost had Andy Andy on my list, but I don't think he has the ceiling that some of the others do, like Dowd and Mersch. He's likely more of a surefire pro as you said, especially in the current system, but I also wonder if that will work against him as he has several bigger bodies to work past already, namely King and Nolan. He could get to be redundant.

Deslauriers I've never been really high on. I admit he has some skill, but I don't see it panning out at the HL level above maybe a 3rd pairing type. I just wonder if his hockey smarts are there and I tend to have a bias against Q developed defensemen.

You pretty much said it all about Gravel. I'd even take it a step higher and wonder if he can't also develop an offensive game of sorts. He'll never be Drew Doughty, but the kids IQ is off the charts and he just seems to get better and better each week. He's always learning and growing as a player and I honestly don't know what the ceiling is for him, as he seems to just finds ways to grow. I see a cross between Willie Mitchell and Rob Scuderi, but as I said, possibly with some upside offensively. Eric Brewer maybe is a decent comparible, just a bit more aggressive?

Shore, I see as Jarrett Stoll in him honestly. I know that will ruffle some feathers around here, but honestly Stoll is a good player with leadership capablities and a two-way game, just as you described TG. Now, that two-way game has vacated him recently, but traditionally he's been a 20 goal, 45 point player who can wear a letter and play in all situations, and I see the same in Shore. I could see him being our captain someday as well. He's just a smart, heady, solid player, very much the forward version of Gravel with more offensive talent.

Pearson, I can see Justin Williams in him. Justin's just a bit slighter and quicker, but Pearson's more gritty. But I see Pearson as a 20-25 goal, 50-60 point 2nd line winger. Can't complain about that.

As for Vey, I'm eager to watch him play. I haven't seen him in a while, and clearly you hold him in more praise than I do. I don't share your optomism, but I'd wager you've seen him a lot more the past two years than I have, and players can really transform at the pro level when they don't really stand out as a junior.

I think we are really close on all of our assessments.

I am usually skeptical of Qdmen as well but I am that high on Des still. I hope I am right this time.

Andy might just be redundant in our system. If he gets his shot with us he will be more the sandpaper type of kid then either Nolan or King but I agree that he could do so on another team.

I actually think that you are close to dead on in comparing Kozun to La Rose, with a bit more O upside. I am sturggling to see him make it as a King but I do believe in his talents and think that he would be a really good agitator/skill kid for us.

Here is what I love about Gravel that gets missed by most of us (including me at times). I was watching him play against Forbort a couple of weeks ago. I sat at ice level right above the ND bench in between the two teams. I could hear most of everything that was being said and both Forbort and Gravel do allot of bench coaching.

The difference between the two is that Gravel is dead on with what he is saying and Forbort does allot of "pick it up boys" type of encouraging.

That said next time you watch Gravel play watch what he does when he is away from the play. He reminds me of Scott Stevens in the way that he moves around ahead of where the play is going to be. He stays in position but he moves into where he believes passing lanes will develop or where the puck is going to be in a second or two.

I really like KG's game and hope that you are right in thinking he could develop some O to his game. He absolutely has the skills. KG compared to Scuds is really close.

I have been blown away by Vey from bantam and think that I could be a bit strong on where he will develop. Vey has that spark to his game when he is on that makes him appear as a different type of player then his peers. Some of it is talent related and some of it is the way he carries himself. He plays with great confidence when he is on and just makes it all look so easy.

He is the kind of player that I always would target to lay out back in the day but even then he is one of the better of those too.

I would say when reading my assessment of Vey that its a good idea to have a little caution. You could be closer to right than wrong.

I am still so high on Kitsyn. I have seen most of his play (via tape) this season and he is just getting the red anus treatment over there. The question is, can he overcome the past two seasons of being sat and messed with over waaaaay inferior talent and get it going again in the AHL.

If so we have a Franzen (mule) jr type of player in MK.

If not he will be a tragic waste. Good kid Good player.

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