Thread: Speculation: Bruins-Flyers talking trade?
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02-22-2013, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by nmbr_24 View Post
I don't agree with this at all, Seidenberg cannot be the player you are talking about without Chara, he is not the player you are talking about. Chara makes him into such a good player. Chara was better than Seidenberg against the Caps with a lot more responsibility and he is better than him now. Losing either player would hurt the team, but losing Chara is something they have no chance of recovering from. I thought last years regular season was pretty close to Chara's best season and it was statistically.

Seidenberg is half the player Chara is.
A tangent, based on your statement, if I may -

This is something other teams fans' need to be aware of with the Flyers, when alluding to why the Flyers may be struggling on the backend - including the Flyers fans, who criticize Holmgren for not "finding a suitable #1 D to replace knowing Pronger was done.". No matter what, contract aside, after Pronger went down permanently (after only a year and a half of playing), the Flyers lost any hope of being solid competitors. It takes years to recover from things like that. Even if Pronger wasn't the COMPLETELY dominant defenseman he was at 30 years old, he was still playing at an elite level as a top 5 d-man at 36, and would have been (much like Chara, Lidstrom) for at least a couple of more years.

And as such, if they go down, you just cannot replace them easiliy. Period. Everybody knew for the last 3 years that Lidstrom was on the verge of retiring. Even if he still was on the team, it was inevitable - so why haven't the wings in the last year just found a replacement - should be easy right? They had at least 3 years. Kronwall isn't a replacement, FYI.

Why? Because you can't replace those types of players, besides just their ability on the ice.


Regarding your post, I agree with you. Pronger made Carle look phenomenal - without him, he's just a middling defenseman. The elite players can do that - they can raise your "rank" 1-2 notches just by their presence alone.

Doesn't mean the players they play with are bad, or aren't great, they're just not as much so, and I don't think talent evaluators and GMs are fooled by such things. Few GM would consider Carle a top pairing d-man - he is what he is, a middle pair, decently reliable puck mover - but can fill in on the top pair if you have a dominant defenseman already there, to spread out your #2 onto the second pair (like the Flyers did with Timonen).

I'm not saying Seidenberg will be cheap, but I don't think he holds more than any other middle pairing d-man.

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