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Originally Posted by dansk55 View Post
[ Look at the ***** SHOW they put on for family day - in front of 4000+ fans. If that was my first game, or I was an occasional fan, I would not come back.

I know that I'll lose the money that I've already paid out for my season tickets, but I'm at the point where I'd rather sit home and watch TV. Why should I put the effort forward to make it to the game when the team doesn't seem to put any effort forward. (I know some of the kids are trying, but the team as a whole doesn't seem to care.)
As for Monday. It was horrible, but Plymouth took shots, and how many deflections were there? Or off the goalie's back. I've never seen that many bad bouces against us in one period. Plymouth had more shots in one game than we took in 2. You gotta put the puck on the net and hopefully something happens.
I could not believe how big Soo is. Wow. We were outmanned, soft and afraid of being hit.
I am not sure it always has to do with effort. I am not sure the talent is there. After two third of the first line, we have no talent per se. With how many forwards we cannot find a third on the top line. Our top 3 in the draft haven't got 20 points between them...Renaud, Hargrave, and Addessi. Hope summer brings something more positive in their play or the vision is filled with holes.[/QUOTE]

Drafts have been disappointing but will give Hargrave credit as he has looked better since coming back at christmas time.Moore is one of my disappointments.He looked good in preseason and hasnt did much since.Dont get me wrong,he can handle the puck with energy only to loose it or miss the net by 5 ft.Our young forwards need to start to hitting the net instead of trying for the corners of the net and missing by 5 ft and drive the net looking for a rebound.They also are too slow in shooting the puck and the opposition is there to block easily.Next year does look scary.I was hoping to see more from the 2nd line down this year but it looks like a long season.I sure hope the 200 (sorry 13 i believe)draft picks we have this year that Jocko didnt want to trade away that there is a diamond in the ruff

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