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Originally Posted by berklon View Post
ESPN is covering what the viewers want them to cover, otherwise no one would be watching ESPN. Simple supply and demand.
Or is the problem is that the NHL isn't popular on ESPN is because they don't cover it? The typical ESPN viewer probably have no idea that the NHL exists.

I no longer watch it at home unless Monday Night Football is on. Sportscenter covers 10 topics (Lakers, Kobe, Lebron, Yankees/Sox rivalry, Tombrady, the NFL, NCAA, any relevant suspension, a rehash of things shown earlier, and the top 10 dunks).

First Take is a rehash of Sportscenter, except for two horses' (rear ends) yelling at each other without making a single point.
Ditto PTI (except Cowlishaw who tries to mention the NHL)
Ditto Around The Horn.

There are a few times when it's on at work and I notice when the NHL is covered. Usually it's when Levy or Bucci is hosting Sportscenter and they're cramming in some news into a 15 second piece that's closing the show.

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