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Originally Posted by WojtekGoalski View Post
Agreed. However many would argue that the Rangers didn't go the distance last season because of trouble scoring goals. Inserting Nash/Powe/Pyatt and removing Dubinsky/Anisimov/Prust/Mitchell will not be enough IMO. UNLESS Stepan and Richards begin to wow. And when I say wow I mean take over a game every once in a while(see: Gaborik vs. Bruins, Nash vs TB, Hagelin the past few games etc) which neither has done for a single game this year IMO

So everyone would be totally against trading a 3rd for Antropov? Chances are good he re-signs on the cheap and could give us another weapon in the top 6. I've seen him play this year and he hasn't been nearly as bad as people are making him out to be. I'm sure this applies to the rest of the league as well, but he's been better than Richards. And please, spare me the stats argument. Richards has been disgusting this year in all facets of the game including being a defensive liability with his 3000 turnovers at the blueline and no look passes
What makes you think Antropov will want to sign for significantly less than what he's signed to now? 1) He's 33 now and was slow as molasses during his first stint here, age is only going to make him even slower; 2) He's signed to a contract that averages out to about $4mil/yr. How does the word "cheap" play in to him signing here? Where are these "good signs" that he would take <$2mil? Because that's all he's honestly worth for his production, age, etc. And in what world would be be in our top-6..? He would be on the 3rd line, nothing more. I'd rather save the pick and have it be useful as a pick itself or getting someone who isn't Antropov. I don't think he's bad, but he's not worth trading anything remotely of worth for at this point.

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