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02-22-2013, 02:16 PM
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WTF? I am usually quite harsh on NHLers with careless hits and, before I saw the hit, I suspected that I'd be suggesting Hall should get more games than most other people would be suggesting.

But after seeing the hit, I see no intent to injure, I see no attempt to hit with his knee, all I see is Hall attempting a BIG open ice hip check, Clutterbuck with his head down COMPLETELY, and Hall SLIGHTLY missing on the hit. If he'd connected perfectly, it would've been a HUGE open ice hip check like MAB's on Morrow back in the early 00s...perfectly clean.

Because he didn't catch him perfectly cleanly, and Clutterbuck likely having some kind of hip flexor/bone spur injury, I suspect that the NHL will probably give him 1 game, but if it's more than that, it's for reasons other than the cleanliness of the hit (I'm not going to speculate on what).

I REALLY strongly feel that Hall didn't do anything wrong except slightly miss on an otherwise clean hit. He didn't leave his feet, he didn't go for the head, and it didn't look like he was aiming to injure. He was simply trying to smoke a notoriously vicious hitter with his head down after a very frustrating game. If the NHL starts punishing players for slightly missing on their intended targets, it won't be long before clean hits start getting punished simply because players are injured on them. And that's not something I want to see. I don't want to see players get hurt either, don't get me wrong, but it makes the game that much more competitive when players have to adjust their games in order to avoid getting hurt by hits. Every young player has to do it, and a guy like Clutterbuck who dishes out a world of pain on his own, definitely needs to learn to do it.

1 game, a fine, or NOTHING, is what this hit warrants. Anything more is an embarrassment.

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