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02-22-2013, 02:34 PM
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I watch ESPN as little as possible, but occasionally I'll check it out on occasion.

Sportscenter used to be the ultimate highlight/recap show along with relevant news. Now it is a story driven show that more resembles a sports version of TMZ than actual news/highlights.

And for those that think ESPN is about demand-driven programming? Please. They are making a big play for female audiences by shoving women's athletics down our throats, because it's PC and they know that their predominantly male audience will begrudgingly watch it...because it's ESPN.

Not showing proportional hockey coverage is a business decision. Stick it to the NHL for having the audacity to choose another sports network. Fine, you don't exist. We'll bury you and promote the NBA to force people to think it's popular.

The thing is, occasionally you can tell that some of the ESPN anchors really miss hockey, as they'll throw random hockey references throughout the broadcast. I've noticed Steve Levy and John Anderson do that.

And Barry Melrose...even though I think he's an asshat, I do feel sorry for him. He has to sit around all day waiting for a 2 minute segment where he does some meaningless analysis. I'm surprised he hasn't bolted from that place. It couldn't be a lucrative job career-wise at this point.

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