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Originally Posted by Barnaby View Post
I don't want to trade for him. I REALLY don't want to resign him. If anything, the Rangers need speed up the middle. They don't need another plodder who makes Brian Boyle look like Pavel Bure. Another weapon in the top 6? This team could use some forward help, but just adding any random player isn't likely to be an instant success.

How is a player that played here and did well "some random player?" I think he would be alright as an interchangeable 2/3C here or even on the wing. Loved him in his first stint here, wicked shot which he still possesses. Agree to disagree.

Originally Posted by SnowblindNYR View Post
I find it interesting that you think so highly of your opinion that it means that if we disagree with you we're not looking at the roster objectively.
It's like saying the sky is yellow. Obviously it's not, if you believe it is than enjoy fantasy land. That's essentially all I said. I find it interesting how this post brings nothing of value to the thread. Let's hear your trade proposals to upgrade this deficient top 6?

Originally Posted by htk30 View Post
What makes you think Antropov will want to sign for significantly less than what he's signed to now? 1) He's 33 now and was slow as molasses during his first stint here, age is only going to make him even slower; 2) He's signed to a contract that averages out to about $4mil/yr. How does the word "cheap" play in to him signing here? Where are these "good signs" that he would take <$2mil? Because that's all he's honestly worth for his production, age, etc. And in what world would be be in our top-6..? He would be on the 3rd line, nothing more. I'd rather save the pick and have it be useful as a pick itself or getting someone who isn't Antropov. I don't think he's bad, but he's not worth trading anything remotely of worth for at this point.
Nik is a UFA after this season. What do you think he's gonna get on the open market coming off what will likely be a statistically poor season on a bad WPG team? We could resign him for peanuts which for a guy with offensive upside I have no problem with it

People complain about this team being too "north american" and having too many "American college players." I propose Antropov (which several others have proposed as well) and everyone's up in arms. Hfboards at its finest

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