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02-22-2013, 02:42 PM
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After last swedens eht i think JP Hytönen maybe strong candidate to 2-3rd line center for team finland too becouse his line with Osala and Aaltonen was best of finland in that tournament they made 7 points in 3 games
so if Barkov wants to get in WC team he has to play even better than now in playoffs its really touch competition of centers even without NHL players.

if Tappara loses in first round barkov has chance to go in camp with national team and play about 6-9 practice games 2 against norway,denmark,and swiss + cze EHT 3 games and that would be easiest way to get place at the team.
but tappara is good team and i think hat they go far in playoffs so he as to show his skills in sm liiga and not front of NT team staff in practice games + quality of finnish center pool
(heres my personal top7 for the WC without NHL players)

1.Lehterä this guy is just played so good in KHL that you cant left him out of the team

2.Kontiola last year started as our 4th line center but end of the wc he was our 2nd line center hes great twoway center nowadays hes on the WC team for sure

3.Hytönen has been decent in KHL and good national team + jalonen likes those palyers who get that extra power when they play in NT

4.Barkov m.koivu was finlands 4th center in his first mens tournament in 2004 World Cup barkov can play at same kinda defensive center and PK role this year no doubt and he jump in bigger top 2 role if our centers are not playing good.

5.Niko Kapanen he has possible retired for national team but he can take barkovs place if desides to join the team but let see what hapens.

6.Ilari Filppula if somebody from top 2 gets injured he can replace him but he needs PP time to help the team at defensive role hes useless was decent in his last 3 NT games 3 assist in three games

7.Immonen was horrible last year so i dont think jalonen takes him this year when he has not played much better KHL this year either and has not been in NT this year and Kazan probably goes far in KHL playoffs too so...

and Jalonens posible joker card Miika Lahti can take 4th line role away from barkov too he has been good in his role all national team games this season this guy can be Barkovs biggest challenger but only jalonen knows that

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