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02-22-2013, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by PaulieVegas View Post
100% right about JJ. I must be missing something, why is EJ being included on so many rosters, and oftentimes over JJ? It's possible neither Johnson should be on the Sochi roster as I'm not convinced either is in our top-7. But, if you had to pick one of the Johnson's, wouldn't you say Jack is more deserving than Erik? At this point in their NHL careers I think Jack is the better player, although it's close. But all things being equal from a skill standpoint, Jack always answers the call for Team USA at the Worlds, whereas Erik does not. Jack could be tired, hurt, and badly needing a break, but he still answers the call for the Worlds every time. Meanwhile, Erik declined the past two seasons and if memory serves, once was so he could get non-emergency dental surgery, which is IMO a pretty lame excuse. Not on par with Umberger and his college degree, but lame nonetheless.

I think too many are enamoured by the fact EJ is a former #1 overall pick and are letting that cloud their judgment. And I'm not saying EJ isn't a good player, because he is. But, I can't see why people continue think he's in our top-7, and certainly can't see why people think he should be chosen ahead of JJ.
They are different types of player.

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