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02-22-2013, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by TheJoeMan View Post
So what would have preferred? Him to not acquire a d-man that can log big minutes against the opponents best players, put up decent numbers and provide veteran leadership? What was the alternative? Lupul was not working and Gardiner was expendable. You have no idea what Beauch would and would not have stayed here for. Maybe Murph offered him more money but Beauch just wanted to play in the East? Maybe Beauch didn't consult Murph at all. Maybe once he got the offer from Burke he took it. You nor I were there so you can't say Murph could have matched him but didn't. If anything reacquiring affirms that he did want to sign Beauch at those numbers but he said no. He was a free agent after all.

You can't hinder your team because a player got away from you. To hold this against him after all this time is silly. He can't concern himself with (perceived) mistakes he's made in the past. His job is to fill this team with the right players. Period.
What would I have preferred? I would have preferred him to at least try to re-sign Beauchemin in the first place. I would have preferred him not to have to give up assets for a POSITION (top 4 defensemen), not specifically Beauch, that he could of had for free. He didn't even try re-signing him. Again, he had too much faith in an unproven player in Sbisa.

I'm not pissed about the value he gave up. It was a need and he traded an injury prone player and a solid prospect for a top 4 defenseman. I'm pissed that he had to make a move due to him not realizing the need sooner.

You're right, no one knows what Beauch would have signed for. But Murray didn't even try. We were his first choice. This isn't something Beauch just said when he came back. He said it at end of season when he become FA, he said it at his press conference when he was introduced in Toronto, and he said it when he was traded back. I fully believe him. I'm not going to back and do the research again cause that was ***** at the time, not to mention years later, but assuming he would have signed with us for same amount (which I have no doubt he would have), a few minor changes could have been made and he would have easily been re-signed. However Murray never even tried. He thought he could leave that hole in our top 4 to an unproven player and brought in several vets to try and help too. He thought maybe adding a little more money to offense would be better for team. However that failed because that hole in our top 4 was too big to overcome. That's bad asset management.

And whoever said I'm holding it against him or that he should still think about his mistakes? You quoted me originally and if you read my first post in that thread, you will see that I was responding to someone who said Murray's haters had blinders. That's wrong because he's made a lot of mistakes, and one 20 game stretch doesn't make up for all the bad moves he's pulled off. Not when you consider how mediocre our team has been during his tenure. I want to see how team does the rest of the year.

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