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Originally Posted by habfan4 View Post
That was pretty blatant. Zidane was taken down from behind (which IMO should have earned Kientz a yellow), but Zizou looks back and then plants his forehead into Kientz's jaw.

Nasty foul as far as I'm concerned (and I'm a Zidane fan)
zidane is an emotional player, but that incident was based more on instinct...whereas the materazzi headbutt took atleast a few moments for zidane to mull over and "go for the kill". if kientz wasn't sitting on zidane's lap, would zidane have gone over and just head butt him? think of it like the bertuzzi incident vs. the perezhogin stick swinging incident. which was more blatant? both were harsh, but the bertuzzi attack from behind was premeditated whereas the perezhogin stick was instinct IMO.

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