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02-22-2013, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Latgale_fan View Post
Actually Rodrigo's not ''as Latvian as it gets'', it's only popular because some Latvians with this name have become popular and consequently parents named their kids after the likes of Rodrigo Fomins (rock musician) or Rodrigo Laviņš (Dinamo Rīga defenseman and NT player). It's a foreign name, definitely not Latvian and I suppose Rodrigo Ābols got his name also because his father, the head coach of Dinamo Rīga at the moment Artis Ābols played together with Rodrigo Laviņš and thought it's a cool name... I guess Latvians tend to like this name very much but it's not Latvian and there are actually few Rodrigo's around. I don't personally know anyone called like that but in their youth both Rodrigo Fomins (and even now) and Rodrigo Laviņš were idols for young women (due to good looks ) so no wonder there are kids named Rodrigo now...
Nothing irritates me more than seeing Latvians kids with names like Rodrigo, Ivo or Elviss. I guess their parents though it sounded cool/exotic/foreign, but to most of us it just looks and sounds laughably idiotic and ridiculous.

As for the CHL draft, it's always a crap shoot. In recent years they've many selected players out of nowhere, and many haven't made the cut. I'm scared that even if Bukarts gets selected, he'll repeat his brother's mistake and stay in Europe. I'm not familiar enough with the other guys to have an opinion on their chances.

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