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02-22-2013, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by viperswhip View Post
It would be career suicide for any Glendale politician to support a deal similar to the one offered by the last administration, so how many prospective buyers will walk away because that deal is now permanently off the table?

Is there anywhere actually ready to take this team? Quebec City is not ready no matter what people say, and I don't know where Kansas and Seattle are in their plans.
If in your estimation Quebec City isn't ready, then nobody is. Cause they are by far the msot ready. A suitable temporay arena in place, a new arena under construction and a willing owner.

KC has an arena but no owner and unknown willingness by the league to go back there. Its not like St. Louis is a rousing success.

Seattle has arguably a suitable temp arena (far worse than the colisee in QC) but the new arena is still going through the stages of getting approved.

The NHL has a history of willingness to play in less than ideal temp arenas as long as there is a new one in the works

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