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02-22-2013, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Price4Prez View Post
well IMHO, that is an overpayment ! What more do u want for a 25 goal scorer and a 3rd liner? You telling me it would take Subban,and from the sound of it, u think habs would need to add..that is freaking laughable. Cmon now. Ud have to add to Simmons and Talbot to get Subban, not the other way around

Any realistic and thoughtful counter proposal or did u just wanna post ur ridiculous troll comment?!
It was not necessarily a troll comment, it was an exaggeration used to show you how poorly he thinks of the OP(I hope). There is no way he thinks it takes Subban + to get Simmonds.

However, it would take something more valuable than Diaz and Eller to get Simmonds. Diaz and Eller have value, but Eller is redundant for Philly, and Diaz is not the right piece to try to use to get a power forward who can score, hit, fight, and play good hockey. Yes, Eller and Diaz are playing well, but value needs to be attached to team needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Simmonds is to Philly as Pacioretty is to Montreal. Think of Pacioretty value when trying to get Simmonds. In all honesty, based on what Philly needs and the Habs have, Subban for Simmonds + or an Emelin + for Simmonds are the only real possibilities based on our respective rosters.

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