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Originally Posted by canuckster19 View Post
Fail at facebook likes as a multimedia reference, how does clicking like make a fan engaged?

For example HF which I assume is the Bruins main forum which google leads me to believe has approximately 44K users, Canucks forum which is run by the team has over 80K, I would think that is a more accurate reference.

Just to cover my bases, I'm not trying to put an argument here over who has the better fan base, I'm only arguing with what numbers are relevant.

What about merchandising? That to me seems like a very important aspect, money spent beyond the ticket price.

Also not sure how google index is an accurate reflection on fan engagement, as a Canucks fan I know exactly what sites I go to for my Canucks stuff, I don't google the Canucks every time I want to visit their website. I would think this is a very inaccurate reflection as my previous example, I didn't know if the Bruins website had a forum so I googled it, so does that make me an engaging Bruins fan? I don't want to say I hate the Bruins cause hate is a strong word, but I am certainly not a fan.
There is no perfect way to gauge something like that. Facebook is at least something a large portion of fans of all teams are going to use...the same can't be said about the main boards or anything else like that.

I haven't gone to the Pens main board since shortly after the Jagr trade. That place was, and from last I heard remained, nothing but a cesspool of 11 year-olds and trolls from other fan bases. There are some teams who's fan bases huddle around the main board (Minnesota, for one)...but there are far more teams in the league who's main board reads more like a YouTube comments section than real discussion.

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