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I think I'm going to slightly change my focus of PPM (mainly soccer- hockey eventually, but my team isn't ready for that yet) to keep the game fresh for me. I know that the only way I am catching the top teams is have them quit. The money gap is something that I'll never be able to overcome, even though my facilities are not that far behind.

Over the long term, on the current course I could see my team competing for a top 10 spot but without teams quitting, I don't see how I could catch them and make runs for the # 1 spot with any type of consistency. I'm ok with that, they started first, made good moves and decisions and they're not competing with teams like me- they are competing with the top teams around the world.

However, something I enjoy and I think my focus is going to be, keep my team in Div I, which shouldn't be too much of a problem, I may flirt with relegation every now and then but as long as I pay attention to my lineups and tactics and don't make dumb roster moves I should be able to avoid it long term. What I would like to do though is start trying to develop players for National teams (U17, U20, & 20+) across the world. The national teams have always interested me in games like PPM, and Hattrick. I think through all the years of PPM & Hattrick I've had exactly 1 player make a Nat Squad. Now that my team is one of the better teams in the world (compared to the whole) I think I could pick young guys from around the world, develop them with my facilities and expertise () - and this would be fun for me. It's something I know I can do in soccer, I have the facilities and the cash- and if that is my primary focus (as well as simply stay in I) I think I can manage that. My starting lineup probably won't change in the short-term, and I will still make the necessary moves, purchases, etc. to stay competitive where I'm at here.

The reason for the switch is simply I've found the game (My hockey team more so) stagnating. Very little roster turnover, and basically just log in for pulls and lineups while buying my time to build facilities. I noticed on my hockey team I hadn't had a new player in over a season and a half. My lineup has remained almost exactly the same during that time. I need something to freshen it up, some goal that is achievable. Something that requires a little extra work, market research, planning, and a little luck. Those are things (outside of luck) that I can control.

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