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02-22-2013, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Reimer View Post
So is thigh contusion a fancy word for charlie horse?

Yeah no ****, lol.

Seriously I love how there are those politically correct fans in every fan base, well at least online anyhow. This is a guy who's made a living on injuring our team constantly and you're now able to sleep better because he's not too seriously injured?

I could care less if he's not injured or done for the year, as a rival team that's constantly taken liberties on our team and gotten no supplemental discipline for it I'm happy to see it go the other way for once. Seriously some fans are as soft as the friggen Oilers.
No kidding. Of all the things to show concern about, people care about a boo boo on a millionaire athlete. On the other team. Whose M.O. is to hit to hurt. Who ****ing cares ?!?

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