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02-22-2013, 04:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post

Martin St. Louis (25-year-old / 1st full NHL season) : 78 GP - 18 G - 22 A - 40 P
Matt Read (25-year-old / 1st full NHL season) : 79 GP - 24 G - 23 A - 47 P

So, if you're allowed to say that Diaz is the next Rafalski, then I can tell you to start calling Read, Matt "The Next St. Louis" Read.

If you won't call Matt Read the next Martin St. Louis, then you can't call Raphael Diaz the next Brian Rafalski.
dude, you're the one who opened the door. Should have used a better example is all given that Rafalski played exactly 75 games as a 27 year old.

foot, meet mouth.

Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
LOL. I love it. While I think Chris is correct in stating Philly would, and should, NOT trade Simmonds for the OP, I do like when it can be shown to him where he is wrong about certain things (such as JvR, Carter, and Richards being "untouchable" as an example).
i agreed with that as well. Were it reversed I probably wouldn't want to move Simmonds either.

Thing is, right now Eller/Diaz are more valuable to the habs than Simmonds likely would be, and both Eller/Diaz have very promising upside, much like Simmonds.

The other thing, is that as productive as Simmonds is, more than 1/2 of his points come from PP, and he gets 1/4 of his 16min/game playing PP... this on a team that has had injury issues up front AND is struggling overall.

it's not a knock on Simmonds, of course, but as is often the case, point production sometimes skews people's perspective.

Eller may not be racking up points, but he's earning almost the same ES minutes that Simmonds is (11 vs 12), playing for the top team in the conference.

give Eller ~4min of PP time/game & his scoring would quite likely be way up. Context is important.

& then were supposed to throw-in Diaz & a very high 2nd round pick in a deep draft, while getting a very good 4th line player who kills penalties?

Thanks but no thanks.

Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
I was told two things:

1) He is comparable to Rafalski and has such possential
2) He possibly has more value than Simmonds

From those clues I can infer...
lot's of people say stupid things, no need to follow it up with foot-in-mouth comments, is there?

and Diaz's game does compare quite favorably to Rafalski, as do their career professional trajectories.
Will Diaz continue to improve to the point of being a consistent all-star dman? odds aren't favorable, but that doesn't change anything about the fact that right now Diaz is a 20min/game PMD on a team that is leading the conference... no team in their right mind trades a guy like that as a "throw-in".
Shouldn't be so hard to understand...

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